Case Study

RFU Twickenham Stadium



Services Provided: Roof Branding to Iconic Twickenham Stadium

‘A highly complex project that required a great deal of teamwork, technical knowledge and experience to deliver such an iconic project that can be seen from our skies.’

Services: A project which was 2 years in the making, was installed some 40 metres up on top of the roof of Twickenham Stadium in the summer of 2020. Following extensive design and structural calculation reviews, it was agreed by all parties that our method of fixing 2no gigantic 2,254sqm banners was fit for purpose to secure the banners in position, taking into account the excessive wind loadings. This was on the basis that our client and principal contractor, CBRE, would carry out structural strengthening works to certain areas of the steel roof.

The banners produced were longer than a 747 jumbo jet at just shy of 100m and were manufactured in sections to assist with the logistical and installation part of the project.

“What is the purpose of installing banners on the roof where nobody would see?” Twickenham Stadium falls under the main flight path of aeroplanes landing/taking off from one of the busiest airports in the world where some 220,000+ passengers land daily (pre-COVID). It was no wonder RFU’s branding partner British Airways wanted to take full advantage of this unique opportunity and have their name aloft the iconic Sports Stadium.

After thousands of ‘man-hours’ spent on the project, the installation was strategically carried out in the summer of 2020 over a 6-week programme.

Case Study

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